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Krystal, maybe the Zumba did it? (kept the weight off) I'm still a pound off the weight I was keeping steady at and two pounds off my lowest. Trying. Zumba sounds like so much fun.

I actually like execising, just got to figure out how to do it and not hurt myself. Robin, I usually do a different gentle yoga clas. This one was moderate and tho I thought I was doing it gently, maybe I wasn't. I take responsibility; the instructor is actually very good and very caring. But with fibro,the least thing can set you off. Also, yoga can be very challenging for people with back and knee issues though I do the love the calming spiritual aspect of it.

Glad to see so many people coming back!! I expect more will return after the new year!!!

Ama, great report especially the no stress part, the part about the tree and your son. So cool.
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