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Default Diet Recycling

Hello All,

I have been using Fitday for some time but this is my first post.

I didn't even know what the "keto" diet was so I had to look it up. Turns out it's a remnant of the training diet that was common when I was body building in the early 80's. Personally, I have to go high protein, low carb to lose any weight but not to an extreme.

When working out, the carbs have to come first and then after. With extreme low carb, the result in inevitable.. dizzy, nausea, etc. You still use the carbs to support your workout but even fewer makes it tough.

Personally, I spent years trying to get "cut" and realized that while I had tremendous muscles, there was no way my body type was going to give up that fat necessary to see my six pack abs.

Now I'm old and trying to get back in to shape and I would be happy just knowing I had six pack abs even if they were under a half an inch of fat!

My suggestion would be to check out if you haven't already done so. There's more information on variables, timing, cycling and a couple of interesting calculators that might be helpful.
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