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Cassie, great to have you back. Wow, I hope you can get caught up on your sleep now. "Putting out the biggest fire at the time" is a hard way to have to live, but we women are pretty good at holding our own when that need is there. Wishing DS a speedy recovery and that the happy drugs are effective. Kudos on regrouping mentally and physically before the new year.

Hope, wonderful that DD is at least taking some cues from you on healthful eating while she is home. Maybe she'll take some of that wisdom back to school. I'll cross my fingers, eyes, and toes for you. Also hoping the mellow stretching will make you feel better both physically and mentally. I'm going to the gym tomorrow--haven't been there since before Thanksgiving. Yeah, that serenity prayer is easy to say, but more challenging to put into practice. But that's the only way to keep our sanity sometimes. Big hug to ya.

Well, I was lucky today. Changed up my planned lunch without pre-logging and still didn't come out badly. Not perfect, but I'll be fine if I have the willpower to stick to just a protein shake this evening.
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