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Mern, you did great!!!

Jenn great job on the meal!!! Not so big as it could have been.

As for having photos taken, never liked it. I submit sometimes to make DH happy.

Robin, I agree with you about loving your body. It's taken me so long to do that and now I am struggling to do that with my DD. DD is home and has gained a lot of weight at college. I know it is common but she already had weight problems. Her diet is awful; her philosophy is she will cut out regular food so she can eat junk. I have told her this doesn't work and, in fact, backfires. I have filled the house with healthy food and gotten her a gym membership for the time she is here. I told her I hope she treats herself better. But she wants to do what she wants even tho she complains about her body, her lack of exercise, etc. She goes out and brings junk food into the house. I try not to judge (we have issues about this already) but it is hard to see her eat pancakes and cupcakes and food that I know with our genetic history (diabetes, heart attacks, stroke) could kill her. I feel if I "ban" this food she'll just sneak (or not stay home) and it will make it worse. We went shopping to one of her favorite stores and I sat in another dressing room. I usually stay in hers but I wanted to give her privacy; but then they needed the booth. When I came into hers, I will admit: it was sad to see a young woman, my girl, in such bad shape. I didn't say anything; she knew. And I know it only gets harder. And it limits her, sad to say, in finding boyfriends; for all I know, it will limit her in other ways. We all know this is not a fat loving or even self loving society. I pray for her that she will love herself enough to take care of herself. I am more than willing to help but it seems she is rebelling against me (she knows I have had issues, been on many diets etc.) I am trying to model good behavior and it is not hard because I know with the better I eat, the better I feel. I want my daughter to love herself and yet I want her to change.

I have a friend who had to put her son, who she just discovered is a heroin junky, in rehab before Xmas. I feel like my daughter is a different kind of addict and while I am not equating the two, I worry for her, just as I am sad for my friend, her son and the family.

Sorry to be a bummer!!!!!!!!!

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