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Robin, I'm glad you found this support group, too. Logging my food is the most important key to success for me--that and exercise. I am not an avid exerciser, but I do strive to exercise 5 days a week. I have a gym membership paid for by my health care plan and do best when I use it. We have several snowstorms per year in Ohio but they're generally not as bad as the ones in the northeast USA. The communities 25 miles north of me right now have more snow and ice than we do. We have only a few inches of snow on the ground but the roads are slick. I hope the snowstorm passes you by tomorrow. I have to look up what an actifry is. I certainly am lucky to have grandkids--they're the highlight of my life.

Hope, kudos on dropping two of the four pounds you regained! I made chocolate banana mocha almond flaxmeal muffins today with my granddaughter and they saved me from the leftover German Chocolate cake I made for DH's birthday yesterday. I miss Amy, too, but am so glad to share this week with the rest of you who are back to posting.

Jenn, sounds like a delicious "bigger meal" you had. Kudos on limiting yourself to just one square. I hate having my picture taken, too.

Donna, kudos on looking better this year than last year! Way to go! I do have a picture of myself that I hate that was taken with my great-niece. Hate how my extreme obesity shows in the picture, BUT I'm glad to have the rememberance of a special time with her at her baby shower.

I'm going to be over in my saturated fat today because I ate ground beef chili with a bit of sour cream and cheddar cheese, but I don't do that often and everything else will be nicely in line, so I'm not going to beat myself up over it.
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