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sehban- I am new to this forum, myself. I am an old geezer compared to you! (47), but I hear your frustration! I wasn't really fat at your age, I was very active. Do you have a job where you sit most of the day? That's a big problem... I think that activity goes a long way to being in your best health. When you're younger, it's a lot easier to be active and lose weight. I think you have to find a physical activity that you actually like to do, that's not a chore. Something that is fun and de-stressing. Something that you actually look forward to doing. Doesn't have to be climbing mt. everest, but just has to involve MOVING. Going to the gym and jogging are good activities, but how fun is it for you? If it's not fun, you won't do it everyday. As for eating.... well, eating out is the lazy, easy way to go. I could say "just order the salads".... but we both know how realistic THAT is.

Can you grill? Can you boil water? To actually get fit, you will have to make most of your own food for yourself so you can control what goes in it. I don't know how else to really control what you eat. I personally like the Eades books, they are doctors who treat only metabolic disorders. Very similar to the current "Paleo diet" fad. But whatever way you choose to eat, you will have to do more food handling. If you leave it up to other people, you can never be sure what you are really getting. That is what I have found. Maybe other people have different opinions. I think eating out is for a special, once in a while occasion, but then again- I know how to cook!
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