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Originally Posted by Robingen View Post
Walking the dog again today, a balmy -8 and sunny. Feels good to start the day out in the sun.

Made some turkey soup last night. Makes a good lunch.

Hope thanks for starting this motivating thread for the holidays.
I love that: a balmy 8. haha. Guess i feel pretty lucky with 30s and impending snow. Good day to make or eat soup!!! (one of my favorite foods!!! so easy to cook.)

And you're welcome. Everyone is welcome to join us and I am so glad people are: HI MERN!!!! meal plan looks good.

Krystal, dancing is good exercise. And Mern exercising with grandkids; how good is that? It's so great to make exercise something fun instead of just, as Amy used to say, walking or running on the "dreadmill." (I miss our AlMeeker, another motivator.)

But Donna, Krystal, Ama, Jenn, Robin, you all fit in so well! So glad I wasn't alone on the thread for the holidays. I had "my FD" family.

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