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Default for me and my experiance

yes it works...
it's often misapplied or medicated..
normal testosterone ranges are usually 275 - 1100 ng/dl
a huge range...
the medicate either through agonists (things that suppress estrogen) or antagonists - adding testosterone.
anabolic steroids are similar but not the same as testosterone...
anabolic, by definition has a healing, recovering, or building component to the drug. Testosterone is an attempt to supplement the original chemicals...
adding too much to soon will indeed cause you to produce less. Unless it is diagnostically indicated you should not use it.... Low energy levels, low libido, weight gain out of proportion to diet ... specifically belly fat .. and an age of 40 something and above might be indicators.. they have been mediciating women similarly since the 60"s ..
steroidal compounds themselves were developed in world war II to attempt to combat deaths due to malnutrition...

so the chemical compounds are real and established ..
delivery had changed somewhat ... injections and oral medications have given way to transdermal applications for mild to moderate cases...
IMO it unfortunately has been relegated to the realm of urologists .. most of which are either ill trained or at the least inexpert... It should be limited to endocrinologists and specialized... though LPN's are now prescribing them.

sorry I wandered a bit
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