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Default well.. yes and no

I've gone from 308 - 279.. and still losing
I'm much stronger than High school...
However I have a routine that allows me to get in and stay at 115-140 BPM for the entire routine. I incorporated 30 minutes for aerobics either before or after weights as well. getting me to 135-160 BPM depending on the activity. I'm using Giant sets with a push pull routine split... the exercise is important of course.. but diet, hydration and rest are at least as important...
Lean muscle burns way more calories than adipose tissue.. I'm running about 1700 calories + - 200... I use a diet log to track it .. and a nutritionist to keep my thinking fresh..

as far back as the 70's they truly big boys used more than weights to get what they needed done .. don't know your age .. but the older you get .. the more critical your specific actions to keep a level of fitness and strength ..IMO
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