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Default well .. some rambling thoughts in return

I'm 54 now .. I had the same type issues .. I had 30 years experience in competitive sports and training.. was a bodybuilder in competition after football in college for 10 years ,, and won trophies..... I let work and family use all my time .. and forgot what it was to feel well and in shape in about 3 years .. gained weight ... and wound up medicated for depression...

made me mad .. and started exercising .. very slowly .. in fits and starts .. could keep the pace going .. some weeks I could not get off the couch.. AT ALL.. for ANYTHING... went to the doc and did lots of blood work .. they prescribed a testosterone supplement .. it helped alot!... back in exercise and I was missing accountability .. the expectation of reporting results to someone I respected.. and that has made ALL the difference .. I will something after a 24 our day rather than report I didn't. I reported by way of a diet log.. if it goes in my mouth I log it... export the results to the nutritionist.. every two weeks..

as I said .. wandering

down 30 pounds and no depression meds .. down 3 clothes sizes..
excited about working it further not dreading it .. have energy to spare and outdoing most of the 30 somethings I know .. it takes longer to heal so we guard from injury very carefully .. not soreness .. injury

hope it helps
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