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Default understand why you get sore

Generally normal muscle soreness comes from burning carbohydrates in too little oxygen.... creating lactic acid...
That can come from asking the muscle to do more than it is used to doing, whether you are new or experienced. So either you changed your routine from something you are used to (upped the intensity or new movements), or you've begun or re-begun and over indulged. Either way you can help but not eliminate soreness,, it's an indicator or measure of work + nutrition + rest + hydration.

know the difference between injury (bad pain) and soreness (good pain) though.. if you have doubts .. see the doctor.. life ifs too short to waste time dragging around unnecessary issues..

hydrate before, during and after workouts.. body weight/2 = oz water per day.. muscle is 90% water ..

end game:
do what made you sore again .. and reduce the level of effort with warm up and cool down.... and hydrate...
caveat: Your activity should be appropriate for you age and condition.
start small and build...
A nutritionist with some background in exercise or sports is a great investment.
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