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Robin, I am with you. I gained four pounds from goody baskets. Homemade caramel popcorn... WHY? WHY????.., brie...crackers... I ate two whole packs of wasabi rice crisps in two days by myself...WHY???? I am sure I am going to shed them though today will be hard, not gonna lie. I love that; a small and mighty support group. Yeah baby! We're still here!!!

Ama, I love your goals and your office cardio. That's how you do it!!! (I had such a group picture in my head of you running doing jumping jacks.)

Donna, happy happy holidays to you and yours. So glad you're part of our little FD family.

Mike, what are you talking `bout, January 1st? I'm giving you one day (Christmas) OK two (including New Years Eve) then I expect you back here. Since you and Mern have not been here so much lately I'm gonna have to be the tough one. Don't make me borrow that whip LOL!!! Oh that's kind of rough talk on Christmas. Happy holidays, honey, but we expect you back here asap.

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