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Hi Hope! Welcome Robin!

My goals for this week:

Spend every possible minute enjoying time with family and friends.
Watch DS (3yo) savor his first memorable Christmas (up till this year he has not had a clue).
Don't stress that I did not do enough.
Don't touch the tree - it is so dry will surely fall apart.
Practice with my new camera ahead of time so that not all pictures will be blurry (aka last year) .
Focus on drinking lots of water.
Pump up the veggies.
Limit goodies as much as humanly possible...
Don't imbibe too much Christmas cheer

I am at work today for a while. It is a ghost town here... YAY! I get tons done when it is super quiet. I also got motivated to do jumping jacks at work. Every time I go to the restroom I plan to do 20 jumping jacks - nobody around so why not get in a little cardio?!

Merry Christmas everyone!
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