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Default No fitness goal is too small?

I'm wondering if anyone wants to join my mini-mini goal plan? I tend to do well if I set really "lame" goals. Like in graduate school when I stated that my goal was to study for an hour a day, every day (no "making it up" by doing two hours one day and none the next). People laughed. But it was much easier to commit to a small goal...and I ended up with my PhD when many others did not.

So. I would love to set big fitness goals, but I can't right now, as I just had major abdominal surgery. I decided today that I will walk up and down the stairs twice in the morning and twice in the evening. Lame, eh? But I KNOW that I can achieve this goal...whereas if I said I'd walk 20 minutes each morning and afternoon I would not (and can't at the moment).

And I'm not going to ask hubby to get me things. I will get up and get my own glass of water, even if he's already up and in the kitchen.
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