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Originally Posted by jjrudd View Post
Hope, I have noticed this in myself. I'm definetely grumpier this year.
For me I'm finding it too much emphasis on how many presents one has under the tree. It seems everyone I know buys on credit so they can buy the perfect gift. Plus people aren't sending out as many cards anymore--a way to keep in touch.

I am one of those guilty of not sending cards this time and you know, you're right. They mean so much. I love getting them. For me, it's not so much grumpy as just that I notice people in my groups that I exchange with not really putting as much in spirit wise. I actually backed off the buying this year and while it felt weird, it was a lot less stressful. But everything seemed to come early (Halloween, Thanksgiving.) And please forgive me; I am not trying to be a grinch. If you want some nice holiday spirit, check out this link of Mariah Carey singing All I Want for Christmas with members of Rusted Root on Jimmy Fallon. This will bring a smile!!!!

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