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Originally Posted by befit1989 View Post
1. Am I supposed to just eat clean carbs or can I still have ice cream????
2. Should I go carb-less for 2 weeks or just 1?
3. I keep reading that when on low carb diets constipation is a common occurrence. Is it? I used to have such a fast metabolism where I would go 2-3 times a day but now I'm struggling to go once. I do pee like every hour or so. (Ps. I do drink 4L+ water a day)
4. Is gas normal?... Because I have a lot of it!
These questions might be better answered at a primal, paleo, or low carb specific forum. MDA is my favorite.
1. I can function quite well at around 50g of carbs (once over carb flu). I recommend eat as clean as possible. You can get some urine test strips so you know when you are in keto.
2. Some can function well at 50g or less for a long time. It took me 2 week just to get over the low carb flu. For me (46y male) I can sustain at 50-75g carbs indef. but I also intermittent fast most days with a 16hfast/8h feed window. So I'm in and out of keto nearly daily. Lots of low carb woman on MDA, look there.
3. I became more regular, once a day, every day, less IBS-ish when eating primal/paleo. When I first started I ate mostly meat and fat and not much veg. Now I eat the opposite, mostly foraging less hunting and 1or2 BMs most days.
I have read that when first starting low carb that as you burn off the glycogen in the muscle and the water that its stored with causes the extra urine. This should even out once fat adapted. Also be mindful to sea salt your food liberally. No processed food = low salt. Tiredness is a symptom of low potassium/sodium/water imbalance.
4. Gas is common as the digestive track gets used a new diet. Try a probiotic and add some fermented food. no beans ...right?
If you must carb re-feed sweet potatoes are fairly low GI. Try to hold out till fat adapted. Also cut back on the high HR aerobic exercise and heavy lifting. Try light jog or long walks till fat adapted then gradually add intensity (and carbs if needed).
80% + cacao dark chocolate can offer a nice boost to mood and energy.
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