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Originally Posted by mdaesch View Post
I've been on keto for about a month now and I've lost 7 lbs so far...I'm not trying to lose much, only 15-20 lbs over all. Would love to know if anyone else is trying this difficult diet!
yeah i just posted a thread about my experience. i just finished my second week (although i did a 12 week low carb diet previously).

in my first week i ate 20grams of carbs but just couldn't do it. i had no energy to do anything so in my second week i increased my carbs to 50grams. I did get crazy migraines this week (i do think its cause of the no carb thing). I also went 2 weeks straight with no carbs and honestly i cant wait for my carb up day tomorrow.. i'm just going to ATTACK them! i don't care I need it!

how many grams of carbs are u eating?

can i also add that in my first week when i was trying to eat 70% fats (i was eating sausages and lots of cheeses and other foods high in fat) i felt so gross and bloated and just YUCK! i hated that feeling. did you feel that way too?

and did u get any migraines or constipation or a lot of gas? yuck i know but it's reality!
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