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Default Keto/Low carb diet. is it working?

Hi all!

About me:

Gender: Female
Age: 24
Weight: 59 kg (total weight loss of 10 kg. it has been a LONG process)
Body Fat: ~12 kilos (trying so hard to reduce this!!)
Training: religiously (5-6 days a week for almost 14 months) where; 3 days is weights and 2-3 days is cardio. (my 6th day is usually an outdoor jog, tennis, skateboarding or rollerblading... just to stay active but have fun with friends at the same time)

Goal: 57kg with a body fat of <10kg

My Diet Routine:

I have just completed my second week of the keto/low carb diet.

Week 1: I was doing keto where i was getting max 20g of carbs from veggies only and was having a VERY low food intake of 1300 calories.

By the time week 1 came to an end, I was so tired and literally had no energy to do anything. I was constantly dizzy and I couldn't lift or do anything I was normally able to do at the gym. I knew it was because of my very low carb intake. (20grams of carbs which equalled to 5% of total calories for the day, and fat came to about 70% and protein was about 23-25%)

Week 2: I did some research and found that the max carbs to be eaten on a low-carb diet was 50g MAX, so in my second week I upped carbs to just that. I was better at the gym, but for 2 days (tuesday morning through to wednesday evening i had SEVERE migraines and I was bed ridden).

Cheat Day/Carb-Up Day: Because I had increased my carbs by 30g in week 2, I thought I'd skip carb-up/cheat day, and I had also read that when first starting ketosis, carb-up/cheat days should only start after the second week as it takes the body 2 weeks to enter the stage of ketosis.

So, my carb up day starts tomorrow but I just couldn't control myself and had some pasta just an hour ago (it's 8pm where I am). I don't really feel guilty about it as I know people carb-up/cheat for 24-48 hours, and I am a regular trainer/clean eater. But I did find this odd as I never crave carbs and have always been strong. Maybe it's because I went 2 weeks without carbs and I had never been so long without them previously?


1. Previously when I did my 12 week low-carb diet, my trainer told me that on my cheat day I could eat ANYTHING and EVERYTHING I wanted, but I have been doing a lot of research and everyone has their own opinions on this. Some say to do this, and others say that if you do do that, it'll just set you back further from your goals. What do I do? I have a VERY sweet tooth and crave sweets throughout the week and I always look forward to weekends to eat them. This is what used to keep me sane and strong. Am I supposed to just eat clean carbs or can I still have ice cream????

2. Should I go carb-less for 2 weeks or just 1?

3. I keep reading that when on low carb diets constipation is a common occurrence. Is it? I used to have such a fast metabolism where I would go 2-3 times a day but now I'm struggling to go once. I do pee like every hour or so. (Ps. I do drink 4L+ water a day)

4. Is gas normal?... Because I have a lot of it!

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