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Just doing a quick calculation - your Basal Metabolic Rate is around 1500 calories per day. You are eating 1800 calories per day. If you subtract the excercise calories from your calories consumed, you are probably at or near the breakeven point, hence no weight loss.

You can do one of 2 things (or even both):

Reduce your calorie intake. (I am a 38 year old male who weighs 35 pounds more than you and I eat 300-350 calories less than you each day - my BMR is ~1900). In your shoes, I would be aiming for 1400 calories per day and expect to lose around a pound a week.

Introduce High Intensity cardio and resistance to your excercise routine. This means replacing walking with some interval training (hard sprints followed by rest - can also be done on a bike/elliptical etc.) and introducing more weight training - many HIRT training routines can be found on the web.

BTW - I live in England and I can easily find healthy food to eat and there are plenty of nice outdoor spaces to excercise and most hotels have a gym of some kind. I am not sure where you are visiting in my fine country but I am sure a little local research would help you to have a more enjoyable and rewarding time. I wonder if your lack of weight gain in England is that your assumptions of the calorie content of what you are eating are not correct.
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