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I know what you are going through when things got bad there were times that the only thing that would help would be my good friends Ben and Jerry, and by bad I don't mean break up I mean hard day at work. It got to the point that it felt like a self-sustaining circle. I look in the mirror and feel fat and so I head to the instant comfort in the freezer which does not exactly make me lose weight which just means that next time I look in the mirror I am not going to see anything that makes me happy. There are two things that have helped me: One is simply not having that type of thing in my house. If I am feeling particularly miserable I am willing to go as far as the freezer if I have to go farther, say to the store, I will just do something else. The second thing is yoga. It feels like I am doing something good for myself and the focus on the small things like just the motion of my breathing helps distract me from whatever has me in need of some comfort.
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