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Ama: I hate treadmills, too! Like your jumping jack plan though. It you get bored with the jacks, you might consider adding the old ski exercise of jumping laterally across an imaginary line, w/ a little knee bend. (It's harder than it sounds.) I got bored with the gym, so now I do my workouts at home, which means I actually do them.

& Maybe 'something I've never done before' should be - Eat Kefir.
I adore baked acorn squash.

Krystal, salmon on steamed veggies looks yummy.

Hope, Sorry to hear about your yoga exasperation. I've read that yoga has been the leading cause of visits to orthopedists lately. There will likely be a new uptick in cases after the first of the year, so you are ahead of the curve!

Looking forward to this thread moving out of the "women's" corner - maybe the men will come back.

- Donna
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