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Well, I've got a report on the goal 'Do something this week I've never done before.' When I wrote this goal I thought it would help me be a little more creative. Although I didn't know what the 'something' was at the time, I envisioned something along the lines of paint a canvas, or cook a souffle'. As it turns out, the thing I've never done before was shred two tires on the left side of my car! Not what I had in mind for this week. Anyway, no one was hurt. I hit a chunk of concrete, pulled of the road without incident, and had the car towed home. Greatly recommend AAA for their discounts and great towing service, BTW. So, today I'll be doing something I haven't done since I was much younger - calling junk yards. I'm looking for a replacement OEM rim for my car. But at least I've been feeling more melancholy and/or ironically amused than grumpy. I can always try for a second round of this goal in the future!

As for the rest of the goals:
  • Cholesterol < 225: 163, 228, 162
  • Exercise > 40 mins 3x: 45, 50, 0
  • Calories: 1547, 1503, 1230
- Donna

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