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Hi Helena

My view is that everyone has their unique reasons for being overweight and has to find the path to weight loss that works for them. For me for instance, I go too long without eating and then will eat anything in sight. So for me planning and organizing my food is what I need to make the right choices. I also have to completely abstain from sugary treats, while I know that others are better off to treat themselves once in a while.

It sounds as though for you time is short and so probably too is self care. And it sounds like you have limited time for fitness, if so I don't think you are making the best fitness choices for the time you have. Yoga is not a great calorie burning activity. It's good for you for many difference reasons but you are not going to burn that many calories. I am not dissing yoga I am a yoga teacher and do yoga EVERYDAY but I have to walk/run/swim and do weights to burn calories. When I just do yoga daily I always gain.

Hope that helps.
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