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Post Rambling thoughts about weight loss

Hi there, my name is Kelly and I am a 53 year old male looking to lose weight. Not just some weight but a lot of weight. I am currently at 258. Not bad if I was 6'5" but at 5'6" it is an issue. I have been over weight most of my life and have battled weight issues the whole time. Like most I lose and gain, gain and lose. Sounds like the stock market! My weight has not ever kept me from things like camping, hiking, sports, I was active. However of recent times about all I want to do is surf, channel surf that is. I walk at work and that is about the only exercise I get. Wanna know something, I am damn tired of that life and now not only do I want to change my weight I have to as it is affecting my health. So there is a brief history of me.

My thoughts about weight loss are as follows:
Weight loss might be about pounds but under that it is a mental game.
Denying yourself guilty pleasures only creates un-necessary cravings.
Exercise is vital.
Accepting who is responsible for my weight issues is key.
Honesty during the weight loss process is very important.
Now with that out in the open, I would like to know what others think. I welcome all replies and critiques that people might have.
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