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Whatever you can find time to do, is the best. I didnt stick to one particular thing, it all depended on where I was, that decided it for me. I say to start, walk walk walk as much as possible. when my boys have outdoor soccer practices, sometimes I walk or try and run/walk intermittent while practice is going on. One of them would practice with a walking track looping around his field. Kinda hard not to take advantage of that! The other boy's practice was at a high school, where there is a football field and bleachers. Sometimes, I would rollerblade around the football field, or climb up and down the bleacher steps until I couldnt stand it any more. And yes, some days I just sat there in my lawnchair, soaking up the sun with the ladies!! In the summer I love to bikeride so I would take my then 10 yr old and ride a nice 7 mile loop with him. I've got a kettlebell DVD, so sometimes I do that (which is a killer workout, by the way!) Or, on the rare occasions that nothing is going on, I try to make it to my local gym after the kids are in bed to do elliptical and rowing, and a couple machines. I am on a ladies volleyball team, so in the winter I can count on 1 hr a week of workout this way too.

I like your idea of a small goal. 20 minutes of walking after dinner every other night for a week. See if you kept to it. If the weather wont cooperate, go to a mall, and do laps there. Next week, set it a little higher, and go from there.

For me, just moving around in some capacity works. I change it up all the time so it never gets boring. But because it isnt a routine, it is easy for me to blow it off, there is no accountability in doing whatever you can do, whenever you can do it - - its too easy to let life get in the way. Which is why I am still a few pounds STILL away from my goal! LOL
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