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Well, I still have not lost weight. Not even a half a pound. Since I got home from my last trip almost four weeks ago, I have been exercising six days a week- cycling, tennis, walking, ellipticals, aerobic DVDs, hiking, hand weights, etc. I try to switch things up so I'm not doing the same exercise every day, as well as varying the intensity. If I go for a hard bike ride one day, the next day I might just go for a long walk and do one of my DVDs or something.

I've been very careful with what I'm eating. I haven't "cheated" on my diet. Still doing around 1800 calories a day, though I do aim for less on days when I do a lighter workout. I've been trying to get more protein, which is hard for me because I don't like most things that have protein in them.

I don't think I am trading fat for muscle mass, either. I am still flabby. I am not losing inches. My clothes still do not fit any better than they did before. I don't have any more strength than before, either. The weight is still all in my stomach area.

I am very skeptical that a thyroid issue is really the problem, especially when my numbers are allegedly right where they should be. The Synthroid does absolutely nothing for me. I don't see my doctor again for another week.

But it seems a bit strange to me that I could maintain 152 pounds in England eating junk and not exercising and then I come home, eat pretty well, exercise like mad and not drop a single pound.

I do eat a lot of carbs, but it tends to be whole grain bread or pasta. Sometimes cereal, but I have cut way, way back on cereal consumption and I usually only have it as a low-cal, low-fat snack without milk after a very hard cardio workout.

How would I find out if it is a blood sugar problem? And does that really come out of nowhere, almost overnight like my weight gain did? As said, it was not a gradual creep of weight, but more like I woke up one morning and couldn't zip the same pants I wore comfortably the day before.
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