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I know for me, cutting my calories that low sends me right into a plateau that takes forever to break. Some agree and some disagree with the hypothesis that if your calories are too low, your metabolism slows to conserve the body's resources. The "starvation hypothesis" holds that your body goes into a panic if your caloric intake is too low and refuses to burn fat. Like I said, some believe it, some don't. However, it happens to me every time I think I'll speed things up and drop my calories too low. If I stay at 1200 or above I end up losing a lot more steadily overall. You might also try calorie cycling or zigzag previous poster suggested, but with a bigger range. I did this for a period of time and it worked quite well. Some days were as low as 900 but then some were as high as 1600-1700; however, the average was about 1200. If you Google zig zag calories, there is a place you can enter your info and it comes up with a weekly plan.

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