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Water: Y
Tea: Y
Vitamin: N, Y
Gym 2x: Tue
Bump up the fruits/veggies: Y
Scale back the carb-filled goodies: Y
Work 30hrs: 7
Relax: Not really

I have finally come to terms with my hatred of the treadmill. I dont want to do it, and several years of forcing myself have not improved upon my aversion to fast-walking in place for 20 min. And I cant do the elliptical because my knee screams in pain after about 20 seconds. So this morning I hit the gym with a new cardio plan do 20 jumping-jacks in between every other activity. Sit-ups/jacks, planks/jacks, leg-lifts/jacks, squats/jacks, weights/jacks, etc Ill try it for a while and see how it goes, but it felt pretty darn good so hopefully I found a keeper!

Yesterday I did really good food wise! Could have been because I had a pounding headache and was hardly hungry all day, but regardless my poor digestive track needed a break after the weekend food binge.

Today I have sort of a food plan:

Cottage cheese
Lunch - out with friends so not sure, but will keep it in reason (i.e. avoid cheese sauce and bread)
Acorn squash (baked)
White rice
Small chocolate square
Maybe 1 small drink

Have a great day Ladies (so far)!
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