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Originally Posted by jonjaxmom View Post
Welcome, Beebee!

If you've read my stuff, you'll see that I seem to be enjoying (a little too much) being soooo close but not quite at the goal. It shows me that I know what to do, and how to do it, just looking for that little push to get me there! I find that I use my busy lifestyle and that of my 2 active boys, as a lame excuse for not exercising. So I eat pretty well, but am missing the prize because I'm just not committing 100% effort.

Look at that. I have the answers, I just need to DO IT now don't I !!!!!!!!! :-)
Thanks for the welcome, Chris! I have read through your posts, but I'm still getting some names mixed up- hopefully I'll get everyone straight soon. You're not only busy, but also are/were dealing with some blood sugar issues as well if I'm remembering correctly? I do not have children, and I know that I do have time to exercise regularly, but I DON'T and I hardly even bothered making an excuse for why. I also know what I need to do, but I just need to start and that's where the challenge is. It seems so silly when I write it down!

What have you tried in the past for beginning exercise? I tend to go overboard, burn out, then stop. I'm thinking of maybe setting a small goal of even just ten minutes of strenuous activity each morning to start. My hope is that I can at least build the habit of daily exercise first, and then start to lengthen the time I spend doing it. Have you tried anything like that? If so, how did it go?

To doing what we know we should do!
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