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Christmas party Saturday night went great! But when hosting a pot-luck ya never know what to expect, and turned out that everyone brought meat dishes, without a green veggie in sight… I ate Korean pork, French beef Bourguignon, Swedish meatballs, rice, potatoes, lemon bars, gingerbread cake, bread and dip, plenty of vino, and an ice cream sundae. Sunday I was not feeling so hot… but still managed to eat left-overs . Today I am 0.6 lbs up from last week! SO I vow to up the greens, avoid red meat at all costs, and avoid (to the best of my ability) carby goodies for the next 5 days. No promises for this weekend though! DH and I are planning a nice dinner out Saturday, just the two of us – such a rare event that I plan to enjoy every morsel of it without the slightest bit of guilt! So the next 5 days I better avoid being too naughty!

Feel better Jen and Krystal!

Hope - I love your goals! I need to do better with the meal planning, good job keeping up with that every day! Today is grocery day so good time for me to start off right!

Donna - Curious about #2 as well. I love the don't be grumpy goal .
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