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Hello Everyone!

Over the last few days I've been reading the posts in this thread and I've found them very motivating. So many of you have been coming close to your goal and accomplishing them, and everyone is so supportive! I'd really like to join in this thread as well.

A little about myself: I've been using fitday on and off for a while, mostly to track nutrition goals but also to monitor weight changes. I have not been very faithful to the latter. I am thirty years old, and have been healthy weights during my adult life. I attribute this to my decision to go vegetarian and then vegan during my teenage years, which ultimately lead to me being very careful about food choices for health reasons later on. As a child I was on the larger side, but healthy and strong. As puberty approached I gained a lot of weight and I continued to struggle with it until I was about 17. Since I was about 18, I've consistently been about 15-20 pounds lighter than I was at the age of 12 if that provides any sort of insight.

I'd really like to lose ten pounds. Over the last few years I keep creeping back up around 125, which although is deemed a healthy weight for 5'4, seems a little large on my frame. I've always been more comfortable, lean, and energetic around 110. I've managed to lose a few pounds in the last couple weeks (120.8 this morning!), but I feel I could use the extra support with holiday dinners approaching and my desire to stop yo-yo-ing after so many years. I definitely noticed it being harder to lose weight as I was approaching thirty, and now that I'm here, I'd like to be fairly steady in weight because I don't think weight loss will get any easier as time goes on! That being said, I have absolutely admired the motivation and progress I've seen in the posts here by women of many ages, and I know it can be done at any time!

Keep up with your hard work!
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