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Originally Posted by happy2btxn View Post
Hi all,

Everytime I try to lose weight, I feel like I'm starving to death! Then I go and binge. And IF I managed to lose 1 lb, of course I gain it back plus a few more. Please HELP!
I have the same problem.

For me, I find:

I have to eat throughout the day so:


I love nuts as a snack but cannot be left to my own devices with them so I buy 100 calorie packs (they have cocoa and cinnamon ones too) or I portion them out. I portioned my breakfast ham (lean, low fat) into packages and use one with egg whites and veg.

FRUITS AND VEG help. I know, I know, so original. But they do help.

Find snacks you like and have some,the key being SOME. Feeling deprived, as you know, is what makes us binge.

PLANNING helps. I have been stuck at the same weight forever it feels like. So I make plans and try to stick close to them. I do leave room for spontaneity but at least I have a strategy. Plus I track it on FD and see what works. If I gain weight back, I look back over my "good days" and try to stay with that.

MOVEMENT. I am very physically limited but even a little walking is better than nothing.

So no great insight...But yeah this is tough. I wish you the best with it.
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