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When I first started I was too afraid to give myself any cheat days or cheat meals or a cheat treat. Too fearful of it opening up the floodgates. Now that I'm further along I'd probably be more comfortable with it, but so far haven't done it where it blows my weekly calorie goal.
One thing I've just started doing is have 2 days a week where I bump up my calories then have a couple of days of lower calories so it all evens out to the same as my daily target calorie goals. It's called ZigZag. Maybe you could do something like that.
The advice given here sounds reasonable & good. I also think everyone is different, so follow your own intuition about it. For sure you don't want to feel guilty when you do it & by taking the advice of those who've posted you shouldn't.
"Most folks are about as happy as
they make up their minds to be."
- Abraham Lincoln
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