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1) plan meals -yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
2) stick close to plan - ate much less, very close ate more than I wanted to and gained back a pound swapped chicken leg for oysters and added pumpkin/coconut soup when I went to a club instead of a drink or a dessert no, no
3) 1600 cal max -840, 1016, 1560, 1400, ? definitely over, ?
4) drink 6 glasses water minimum - 5 or 6 6 5 6??
5) stretch every day -no yes, yes, yes, yes, yes
6) get back into exercise reasonably- no a bit nah a bit yoga; bad back
7) don't overdo -yes, yes did a bit more than I should have but it did make me feel more festive (I told myself I was doing it "for my family." Nah.) didn't "do" at all, yes, yes
8) let go of anger - no better yes [COLOR="Blue"]meh but I did get out of itby going out with DH and a friend to a club, yes? no
9) meditate -no, no yes, yes, yes, no
10) write -yes writing class; not enough (see overdo as in holiday stuff); not enough started too late yes, yes, both times not enough
11) don't be a self (or any other kind of) hater -no YES, yes, yes, yes angry at self for bad decisions
12) don't answer phone or spend too much time online till I get work done - no but this will be one I will try and follow better no, no; too distractable yes, yes

Between the Ct shootings, a different crime that happened right in my town (I do not live in CT) and some other stuff, I feel very down. Yesterday I thought what is the point of all this on FD and in general.

Trying to work through it.

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