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Originally Posted by befit1989 View Post
brief overview:
i'll be 24 in a few months
height: 171cm
weight 59kg
goal weight: 57.5-58 (hopefully by Christmas!)
Hi Befit, your question caught my eye because I'm interested in keto. I hope this isn't out of line, but you are already quite slender and you are trying to get even slender-er. I hope that this is because you are a bodybuilder/figure model, and not because you have a partner/significant other who is telling you that you are too "fat," and if you only lost a few pounds/gained some muscle/etc. you'd be acceptable. Because you know, that never ends. You can get down to your goal weight and then the person will just find something else to find fault with, because it's not about your weight, it's about their judging you and finding you lacking.
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