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Originally Posted by raresolid View Post
Your seriously complaining about three social media icons that link to their own fan page? Nobody is tracking anybody and if you are logged into Facebook you agree to their terms and conditions. Links and ads are two separate things... Also the issue today had nothing to do with the icon because where I am right now Facebook is blocked and I can use Fitday with no problems.
Yes, I was complaining about one of three social media icons that apparently kept my page from loading. Your mileage may vary.

You may also believe that 'Nobody is tracking anybody,' but IMO when they (Facebook, in this case) directly serves the ad (or icon,) they are receiving my IP address and info about the page it is embedded on. They can then correlate this with all the other pages with this link viewed by my IP, and associate that with info they may (or may not) be provided by the sites that I view. With all this information they can derive a profile about the viewing habits at this address, and perhaps even identify the users at this address. Even if I have never explicitly signed into their specific site.

But mainly I'm complaining because their links slow page loading times, and sometimes cause pages to hang waiting third party hosts to respond. I can provide direct evidence of this from my logs if you'd like.

- Donna
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