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Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
There was an Issue this morning with Fitday failing to load the full page. It appeared it may have been hung waiting for the Facebook icon. Is the Facebook ad really necessary on pages of premium subscribers?

I refer to these icons as ads, (Facebook and Twitter) because the graphic is served by directly from Facebook, they link directly their site, and provide information on my page views to that corporation without my consent.

I prefer not to be tracked by Facebook when I log my activities on Fitday, and this morning they apparently were causing Fitday pages to hang waiting for their 'service.'

Your seriously complaining about three social media icons that link to their own fan page? Nobody is tracking anybody and if you are logged into Facebook you agree to their terms and conditions. Links and ads are two separate things... Also the issue today had nothing to do with the icon because where I am right now Facebook is blocked and I can use Fitday with no problems.
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