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1) Join fitday. Y
2) Walk to the new gym that is opening in Jan. and sign up. walk, no. joined, yes!
3) Log log log. Food, exercise, mood, hydration. argh. a stuttering work in progress.
4) Go to a Lifering (sober living) meeting and keep away from the cosmopolitans. to-do.
5) Join an online group that will help keep me motivated and accountable.yesh!

I love what you all are saying about calories turning you off the pie, etc. Keeping a log is depressingly enlightening. I put in hash browns and egg on my log -- yay, calories no big deal. Then came the tblsp of canola oil. "Bad smeagle! Bad smeagle! poach that egg! use pam!" It's like 120 calories of whyyyyyy???
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