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#13. Noticing portion sizes and not making changes according to what I see. When I see a plate of food, I see X food and Y and Z foods on the plate, and it's as if my brain computes 'good food' or 'bad food' for each. Although I really believe there are no 'bad' foods, I still automatically put foods into categories. What makes a huge difference is portion size, and I rarely, if ever, act on this knowledge.

I have a habit of using both halves of a large pita bread (8 gms fiber) to make a sandwich. This morning, I used just one half and hoped that I can make this a habit. Baby steps! BTW, the sandwich still had a substantial filling of vegetarian bologna (I cannot taste much difference at all in the lack of fatty meat there) and a slice of non-fat American cheese. That's all good, but I think the best thing about the sandwich - it did taste very good, with some Dijon mustard - was its portion size!
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