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Originally Posted by rpmcduff View Post
Just checking in. Another crazy week for me. Too many things to do and not enough time. But I've been good with my eating (even with 2 potlucks at work). I managed to lose another 1.2 pounds and am now at 216.2!!!. I realized I have not been this weight since my oldest son was born and he turned 30 this year. Seems like everyones attitudes are more positive this week and the group seems to be avoiding most of the temptations that are everywhere this time of year (or at least feeling badly after they give in, lol).

Keep your goals in mind as you are tempted by all those holiday goodies. My favorite saying currently is "indulge in moderation".
Great job on the weight loss this time of year, Ron! I'm following the same path as you, "indulge in moderation". A few Hershey's Miniatures entered my path today, but the damage could have been worse. At least I quit after just a couple.

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