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First off, you are an active person and you play sports; regardless of you wanting to do KETO or not or what your opinions or mine may be, I can tell you right now that KETO Diet is not the best diet for you and your goals. Less carbs mean less fuel to fuel your sports and fuel your weight training. High FAT means it takes a longer time to break down your food and digest it slowing your body's ability to use it for fuel quickly such as lifting weights and playing sports that require high intensity. Your tired (Lethargic) because you are low on carbs. If you don't believe me, try cooking up some oatmeal about mid day when your feeling like crap, and I am willing to bet after 15 or so minutes your going to feel better...

Now to answer some questions, use your fitday account to track these macros.

You said you were at 1200cal diet on KETO, so your carb ration is lower then the normal 10%, but based off what you said your percentages are you would be looking to hit these macros each day...

GRAMS per day at 1200 total cals each day
15g Carbs (60 cals from carbs)
75g Protein (300 cals from protein)
93g Fat (840 cals from fat)

GRAMS per day at 1500 total cals each day
18g Carbs (75 cals from carbs)
93g Protein (375 cals from protein)
116g Fat (1050 cals from fat)

These are the macros you would have to hit based off your percentage and total amount of calories you mentioned.
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