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I'm back. Sorry for all the ghost talk everyone. I hope I didn't offened anyone with it.

Back to my goals, so far so good. Only one pb&j sammich for the week. Only got up once to eat (that was the pop tart night). My main issue is sleep. I am an extremely light sleeper. Mytsie is a total daddy's girl and insists on sleeping up against me. She tends to run marathons in her sleep, with her little paws twitching on me. It wakes me up because it feels like I have a light muscle twitch. I've been putting in a "sleep" CD and playing it lightly, for the past two nights. I don't know if it's affecting Mytsie, but since then, she's sleep on her mama's (my GF) side of the bed. I've been getting over 7 hours of uninterupted sleep for two night. Since I'm sleeping, I'm not eating and I'm waking up feeling great!

On policies... zero this week and I'm once again dealing with computer and system issues.
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