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Hey Tammyjane, welcome!!!

Ugh, I just ate TOO MUCH. Ama, talk about it was there (and then gulp! it wasn't) and it was SO NOT WORTH IT. DD came home so I made potato pancakes which I THOUGHT I could resist. Nope. Overcooked the chicken but ate too much of that too. Put out carrots and guacamole and ate too much of that too. But I promise you this: I am NOT going near the donuts. I PROMISE.

Uggh. I hate how this feels. Overstuffed, especially since I've been eating so little lately. Heavy sigh. There goes was nice while it lasted...

Mike, I love NOLA!!! Love that place.

I have had experience with ghosts but isolated incidents, family members saying goodbye and a few times feeling stuff in other places (sometimes intense like been pushed on the stairs.) Have a couple of good hair rasing or touching stories. But never anything on a longer term basis. It's interesting to hear there may be triggers but it makes sense.

Ama, don't beat yourself up. We all have lapses. And feeling crappy often triggers em. Feel better, honey. Nice to hear you "talking."

Joanna I love the "10 pound challenge." When is it over?

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