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Hope – I was strong until about 5pm when I got home and they were still staring at me! You’re right… it was not worth it…

Cassie – Sorry to hear about the panic mode persisting. Hang in there! Otto… HAHAHAHA!!!! I have the pasta attachment for my KA – I have trouble with the dough though. Can’t seem to get it quite right (it all sticks together in the bowl after cutting the pasta), but the attachment works great!

Mike – I have never seen or felt the presence of a ghost… but when living in Louisiana I went ghost hunting with a couple of girlfriends once... one claimed to be a witch and the other a psychic . Those were some crazy days…

Krystal – Nice job on your goals this week! I am having trouble with the Christmas gifts too… good luck! We had a real life National Lampoon disaster of a Christmas a few years ago. Our Christmas goal since then has been to “limit family interactions” outside of immediate family of course.

Joanna – Glad you’re here! What is it about crap food that makes it always easily accessible… I am in the same boat trying to avoid it!

Donna – Yes - it is a gateway drug! Glad you have the opportunity to slow down a bit and catch up!

Quinn – I’ll definitely check out that episode! Thought I have seen them all but your description does not ring a bell. My car has a GPS and there is a woman’s voice that gives directions over the speaker system… I should give her a name. But I’d rather see if I can change it to someone else, like sexy Italian man voice. I may use the GPS a lot more often then!

Jenn – House chores definitely count as exercise! Congrats on the -.5 lb!

I did sort-a bad yesterday. At lunch I went Christmas shopping at Barns & Noble and Panda Express just happened to be right across the street. My favorite is the Panda bowl with chow-mien and orange chicken, but the calories are sky high so I compromised and got steamed rice, Mandarin chicken and a cup of water. It was awful. Then I spilled the sauce covered rice down the front of my work clothes. Serves me right for eating forbidden foods – and while in my car (parked of course)! Then before dinner I had the cookie – the gooey butter filled calorie laden peanut-butter cookie. And a beer. But DH wanted to go out for dinner last night and I talked him out of it (slight redemption?). We had black bean soup and sandwiches instead.

I have not made it to the gym this week. This blasted head-cold has me worn down and I can’t seem to find the motivation to get the exercise in. I know... excuses, excuses! I have my gym bag in the car and will try hard to get there after work tonight. I plan to get DS to the indoor pool Friday morning at the Gym. DH and I are teaching him to swim, and I need to consistently work in those Friday mornings for both of us to get some good exercise in the pool. Gee I’m chatty today! Better get back to it!

Hope everyone has had a great day! Ama
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