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Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
Mike, bummer about it being negative so it's good it's not that often. It IS creepy tho.
Originally Posted by dmartz View Post
Mike: Don't know what to say about the ghost. Too eerie. Maybe some incense and Christmas cheer will keep them at bay for a while. & btw Poptarts may be worse than pb&j.

- Donna
I guess I shouldn't say it's negative. It's not like anything has been thrown at me or anything crazy. It just doesn't give me the warm fuzzies so I assume it's negative because to be honest... when things "go bump in the night" it kinda scares me.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
LOVE IT!!!!!!! But I admit, I thought Streetcar too.

In the Gumbo Shop in NOLA they have a Stella bellowing contest. Maybe you could win?

BTW I love your goal *6. I think I should adopt that one (it's what I meant by don't overdo. I always do too much and wind up stressed out. Not this year, I hope.)

Mike, instead of being made with pork or beef, chicken sausage is made with chicken; this one (One of the many Bilinski choices) has red peppers and spices, lots of fennel, quite good, lower in fat (3 gr). There are diferent brands: Bilinski's, Al Fresco, etc. Try it!!! Altho you know what they say: sausage and laws: you never want to think about how they're made.

I also like the idea of holiday exorcism of Mike's ghost(s). Maybe wave Poptarts at `em... Lol.
Y'all should make it down to the Gumbo Shop, I'll join in! The sausage sounds good, I may have to try to find some. With the ghost, the activity seems to pick up when there is something going on in the house. If there is tension or work going on, like laying tile. How know what triggered it, maybe because I got rid of the old livingroom furniture a few weeks ago and got a new set, maybe it's the tree in the house, who knows?

Originally Posted by bojibridge View Post
It's good to see people doing pretty well - seems like we've all been struggling for a few months. I know I have.

I had a good day yesterday, calorie-wise. I'm trying to wrap my head around getting back to the gym, but I'm not being very successful. I know my weight loss is much faster when I'm going, but I'm just so unmotivated these days. I mean, I'm trying to walk to/from my car, which like I've said, is a little over a mile, but still... it doesn't help that it's so cold out - just doesn't make me want to do it.

My family's 10 lb. challenge is going well! My dad and sister are both down 5.5 lbs and my mom is down 3.5 lbs. I'm down 1 lb. But that's my fault. Looks like I won't be winning, but I'll put $10 in the pot for my family's health any day!
Joanna, get your ass in gear. Get to the gym TODAY!!!! Don't throw in the towel on the 10 pound challenge. You got this!
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