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I have lost 55 pounds in 3 month. ( 6.4 muscular - 314-261 ).

First month was starvation diet - just a glass of milk a day. and lots of training ( I do amateur MMA and rugby )
Lost 30 pounds.
Second month was just keep under 1500 calories and add jogging - lost around 15 pounds.

Now i switched to ... pretty much vegetarian Paleo/primal, I have nothing against meat, except it is packed with hormones. No sugar, no processed foods. Everything organic, Fish is wild caught.

And, what can I say, I feel so much healthier, mood improved, and I eat a lot now, like a lot, and it is still below my calorie reqs.I stopped craving sweets.. now i crave bananas lol.

25 pounds to go, and sure as hell i will stick to this diet forever.
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