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Talking Newbie Question(s)

I'm Cat- just restarted the whole back in shape process for the I don't know how many time (pregnancies, jobs, life have been cause for deprioritization), but I think I finall have things under control to dedicate the right committment level and finally see long term success.

I did have a quick question- what are lifestyle calories? Because I was shocked to see how many calories were "recommended". Don't get me wrong, when it put in my weight loss goals, it gave me another target calorie count- but I find that other number kind of annoying since it appears everywhere, but the target is really only on the dashboard and a couple other places. I was just curious how I should be using that piece of information since I kind of felt like the only thing relevant at this point is the target for weight loss and burned.

Anyway- excited to get this show on the road and hoping I make it longer than 6 weeks since it will likely take 5-6 months to get to the end game.

Here's hopin and happy holidays!
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