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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Haha... I named my GPS Stella, as in STELLLLLLAAA!!!!! (For all of you Seinfeld watchers. lol)
LOVE IT!!!!!!! But I admit, I thought Streetcar too.

In the Gumbo Shop in NOLA they have a Stella bellowing contest. Maybe you could win?

BTW I love your goal *6. I think I should adopt that one (it's what I meant by don't overdo. I always do too much and wind up stressed out. Not this year, I hope.)

Mike, instead of being made with pork or beef, chicken sausage is made with chicken; this one (One of the many Bilinski choices) has red peppers and spices, lots of fennel, quite good, lower in fat (3 gr). There are diferent brands: Bilinski's, Al Fresco, etc. Try it!!! Altho you know what they say: sausage and laws: you never want to think about how they're made.

Donna, go head and take the bumper sticker; it's not my original thought anyway lol (tho my daugher did have a shirt that said Sugar, sugar, sugar on it in sparkles when she was little. Talk about a sugar junky...) I am so gald the menus aren't boring and are even of some inspiration. They sure are helping me. I'm the lowest weight I've been in a while. Of course, I haven't been eating that much these past few days and we'll see what happens when the holidays really hit. But at least I'll have a cushion, pardon the pun.

Now I do haveta get on that exercise...

I also like the idea of holiday exorcism of Mike's ghost(s). Maybe wave Poptarts at `em... Lol.

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