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Default Sugar, the gateway drug.

Had to fly yesterday, so I'm now trying to catch up.

Mike: Don't know what to say about the ghost. Too eerie. Maybe some incense and Christmas cheer will keep them at bay for a while. & btw Poptarts may be worse than pb&j.

Cassie: Liked the pic of the flab abs! For Christmas I would like an Otto to do the mixing. Also a Klaus to do the clean up! I did cook home made pasta once this year when I was ambitious. Butternut Squash Ravioli with sugo rosa, all from scratch. Used a rolling pin the way (Jupiter) intended.

Hope: The meal plans are not boring. I often read them and think, 'That looks good, think I'll have some salmon too!' Know what? A good antidote for anger and hate is exercise! Oh, and I'm so stealing that bumper sticker!

Quinn: I'll be thinking of you at the Christmas party tomorrow. Thanks for the insipration.

To everyone else, keep after those goals!

- Donna
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