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Originally Posted by quinnesec View Post
Ok... you get a pass. Now, lose the Pop Tarts and chew on an apple or something! (Oh, an apple smeared with peanut butter... now that sounds pretty good! ) One of my favorite snacks lately has been a Granny Smith apple dipped in caramel Greek yogurt.

I shouldn't tease you because I made 8 dozen cookies in the past 2 days and MAY have tried a couple, for quality control, of course.

Will probably do 3-4 more dozen this afternoon... We had 5" of snow on Monday, so it was nice to stay home and mess around in the kitchen, my favorite place to be.
mmmmm cookies. Today I was bad for lunch, but I'm doing better.

Originally Posted by cjohnson728 View Post
Mike, are you going to post our FitDay tree? We have new folks to add!
I wish I could. I just got some new software to do that type of stuff but it's on the high end (way too advanced for me) and just starting off is consuming my time. If I can figure it out before then, I will put one together. If not, next year you can count on an awesome one that will be 3D animation.

Originally Posted by canary52 View Post
It's interesting (and natural) that you tried to shield them but that the kids picked it up. You also mentioned Mystie picking it up; one of my cats did in one case too. It's not always like the movies - sometimes it's a glimpse of something, something (in one case for me, chairs) moved, even a chill air.

Do you feel a positive or negative presence or is it neutral? Are you still comfortable there?
I feel that it's negative. It gives me a creepy feeling. Tori things that I'm dealing with a poltergeist. I have no clue, it's not invited or welcomed! I am confortable, only because it doesn't happen that often and it doesn't seem to get worse.
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